Symbol Mattress is top US bedding producer

According the Furniture Today’s latest ranking of top US bedding producers, Symbol Mattress is the 12th largest bedding producer in the US.  What is even more impressive is that Symbol is one of the largest privately held bedding manufacturers.   Most of the companies larger than Symbol are publicly held or part of a licensee group.

What makes Symbol Mattress special?  Symbol is a 54-year-old company that is vertically integrated.  They cut their own foam and build their own bases.  They do not do any nationally advertising and the most awesome thing about Symbol is that they are debt free.  All of these things mean that Symbol is able to use better quality components and sell at the better prices than the competition.

Funriture Today Ranking of Top 15 Bedding Producers Nov. 2014

Ryan McMillen is a sales representative for Symbol Mattress in Missouri and Kansas